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     Daniel Binelli

Internationally renowned master of the bandoneon, Argentine Daniel Binelli tours extensively in concert and recital. This unique and sensuous instrument is showcased in a wide range of compositions, many of which have roots in the tango of Binelli's native land.

A seasoned composer in his own right, Binelli is also widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. In 1989 Daniel Binelli joined Astor Piazzolla's New Tango Sextet, touring with them Brazil, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Switzerland before Mr. Piazzolla's death in 1992.

From 1968 to 1982, Binelli was bandoneonist and arranger at the prestigious Osvaldo Publiese's tango orchestra. Mr. Binelli's late spring 1998 tour of Japan with Martha Argerich, guitarrist Eduardo Isaac and the National Symphony of Argentina, conducted by Pedro Ignacio Calderon, was an unqualified success.

Conductors with whom Binelli has worked include Charles Dutoit, Lalo Schiffrin, Franz Paul Decker, Isaiah Jackson , German Gutierrez, Simon Blech, Herrera de la Fuente, Jose Carli, Luis Gorelik, Jamil Maluf, Alfredo Rugeles and Francisco Rettig. Binelli conducted Piazzolla's operita: "Maria de Buenos Aires" in Sicily (Italy) with Italian singer, Milva.

He was chosen "Year 2000 Guest Artist" at T.C.U of Fort Worth, Texas. In October 27th, 2001, Binelli performed with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Charles Dutoit, at Carnegie Hall, in New York. In September 2003, Daniel Binelli played four concerts with the Sidney Symphonic Orchestra, conducted By Charles Dutoit, at the Sidney Opera, Australia.


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 Daniel Binelli - 'Piazzolla Classics: Tango Sensations' - 1994, Milan Records, Planet Music
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 Astor Piazzolla - 'The Lausanne Concert' - 1989, Landy Star
 Andreas Vollenweider - 'Kryptos' - 1998, Sony

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