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     Harry Manx

Born: Saltspring, British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Blues
Styles: Slide Guitar Blues, Raga

Harry Manx took the sum of his travels around the world - and specifically in India - and melded what he'd learned there with the blues to create his own unique sound. Manx's debut, Dog My Cat, which was released in 2000, features his expertise on an Indian instrument called a Mohan Veena, as well as on a lap slide guitar. The musician, who hails from the Isle of Man, traveled extensively throughout Europe and Japan, spending a decade overseas. In 1990 while still in Japan, he heard the Mohan Veena for the first time through a recording made by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, who created the 20-stringed instrument. Manx soon went to Bhatt's native India. He spent five years there with Bhatt as his mentor and the two musicians toured the country for numerous performances. The Grammy Awards gave a nod to Bhatt in 1994 for his collaboration on the album Meeting by the River with Ry Cooder. Manx spent his childhood in Canada. During the '70s, he went back to Europe, where he penned songs and played at a number of festivals. He returned to Canada in 2000 and made his home in British Columbia. He has toured with bluesman Taj Mahal through Australia.

- Linda Seida (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Harry Manx - 'Bread And Buddha' - 2009, Dog My Cat Records
 Harry Manx - 'Dog My Cat' - 2001, Northern Blues, Dog My Cat
 Harry Manx - 'Isle Of Manx: The Desert Island Collection' - 2012, Dog My Cat Records
 Harry Manx - 'Jubilee' - 2003, Northern Heights
 Harry Manx - 'Live At Glenn Gould Studio' - 2008, Dog My Cat Records
 Harry Manx - 'Mantras For Madmen' - 2005, Dog My Cat Records
 Harry Manx - 'Road Rags. Live' - 2005, Dog My Cat
 Harry Manx - 'Strictly Whatever' - 2011, Stony Plain
 Harry Manx - 'West Eats Meet' - 2005, Dog My Cat Records
 Harry Manx - 'Wise And Otherwise' - 2002, Dog My Cat Records

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