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     Carl Friedrich Abel

Born: Dec 22, 1723 in Cothen
Dead: Jun 20, 1787 in London
Genre: Chamber Music, Symphony, Orchestral Music
Country: Germany

Carl Friedrich Abel was a composer and one of the last great players of the viola da gamba in the eighteenth century. Born in Cothen, in 1723, he studied the viola da gamba with his father. Having settled in London, in 1759, Abel quickly established himself, eventually obtaining the post of court musician to Queen Charlotte. In addition, he established a professional partnership with Johann Christian Bach, Bach's son who was known as the "London Bach." In 1765, Abel and Bach initiated a successful concert series, the famous "Bach-Abel Concerts, which went on until 1781. A versatile composer whose works include symphonies, piano concertos, chamber music, and compositions for the viola da gamba, Abel, while faithful to the style of the Mannheim school, developed an accessible personal idiom characterized by remarkable grace and elegance. He died in 1787.

- Zoran Minderovic (All Music Guide)

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 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - 'Solo A Viola Di Gamba Col Basso' - 2004, Alpha
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 Paolo Pandolfo - 'A Solo' - 1998, Glossa Music
 Jordi Savall - 'Les Voix Humaines: Abel, Bach, Marais, Sainte-Colombe' - 1998, AliaVox

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