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     Helene Schmitt

Helene Schmitt is a prize-winning French violinist and a professor of baroque violin in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

Schmitt first started out as a chamber musician before specialising in baroque music. She spent 10 years in Bale, Germany, next to Chiara Banchini and Jesper Christensen. Nowadays, she is very close to Jorg-Andreas Botticher and Rolf Lislevand with whom she often plays in concert.

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 Helene Schmitt - 'Ignazio Albertini: Sonates Pour Violon & Bass Continue' - 2002, Alpha
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 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Sei Solo A Violino Senza Basso Accompagnato Vol I' - 2004, Alpha
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Sei Solo A Violino Senza Basso Accompagnato Vol II' - 2004, Alpha
 Giovanni Stefano Carbonelli - 'Sonates Pour Violon Et Basse Continue' - 2003, Alpha

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