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     Collegium Vocale

Born: 1970
Genre: Choral Music

The Collegium Vocale is a vocal ensemble known for its authentic performances of Baroque and pre-Baroque music.

The name "Collegium Vocale" is a generic term for a vocal ensemble with connections to a center of learning or other scholarly background. This is the best-known of several groups using the term as their name, and so, when it is necessary to avoid confusion, it is identified as the one founded in Ghent, Belgium. In 1970 the Belgian musician Philippe Herreweghe founded this Collegium Vocale to apply the fruits of researches into actual performance practices of the Baroque to vocal music performance. It was the first choir founded with an "authentic performance" purpose. Some of the issues involved include the proper use (or non-use) of such coloristic devices as vocal vibrato, and the appropriate and fluent use of ornamentation of the written line.

The Collegium quickly achieved a reputation for its stylistically correct performances of older music and found itself in demand by the leading conductors and orchestras in the early music movement. These included Gustav Leonhardt, Ton Koopman, and Nikolaus Harnoncourt, who were eager to match their period instrument ensembles with a chorus founded on the same principles in recordings of the great Baroque repertoire. This tradition has continued with conductors such as Sigiswald Kuijken, Paul Van Nevel, and Rene Jacobs. Collegium Vocale has frequently appeared with original instrument groups such as the Vienna Concentus Musicus and La Petite Bande, as well as modern instrument ensembles like the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam and the Vienna Philharmonic.

The Collegium Vocale has not restricted its repertoire to the Baroque. It also frequently performs great polyphonic music of the Renaissance. It also has extended its repertory to the Classical and even the Romantic era and, on rarer occasions, music of its own time. However, it still remains best known for its performances of German Baroque music, especially that of Johann Sebastian Bach.

It has recorded widely on several labels, producing well over 60 recordings for such labels as French Harmonia Mundi, Virgin, Ricercare, Accent, and Telefunken (now Teldec). In 1993 it was appointed "Cultural Ambassador of Flanders" by the Flemish regional government, a recognition of its wide touring activities, which have taken it to Asia and both Americas in addition to frequent visits around Europe.

- Joseph Stevenson (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Adventskantaten, BWV 36, 61 & 62' - 1997, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Cantatas Pour Alto. BWV 170, 54, 35' - 1998, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Ich Hatte Viel Bekummernis. Cantates BWV 21 & 42' - 1990, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Johannes - Passion (Philippe Herreweghe)' - 2001, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Mass In B Minor, BWV 232 (P. Herreweghe)' - 1989, EMI, Virgin Classics, Veritas
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Mattheus - Passion (Philippe Herreweghe)' - 1999, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Tonet, Ihr Pauken! Cantates Profanes BWV 207 & 214' - 2005, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Weinen, Klagen.. Cantates BWV 12, 38, 75' - 2005, Harmonia mundi
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Wir, Danken Dir, Gott. Cantates BWV 29, 119, 120' - 2000, Harmonia mundi
 Henry Purcell - 'Odes A Sainte Cecile' - 1998, Harmonia mundi
  как соисполнитель ...
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Cantates De Noel. BWV 122, 110, 57' - 1999, Harmonia mundi
 Andreas Scholl - 'The Voice' - 2000, Harmonia mundi

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