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     Pierre Hantai

Born: 1964 in France
Genre: Keyboard Music, Chamber Music
Country: France

French harpsichordist Pierre Hantai began to study his instrument of choice from the age of 12 with Arthur Haas; later he continued his lessons with Gustav Leonhardt. In 1983 Hantai scored his first major triumph through taking first prize at the International Bach-Handel Competition of Bruges in Belgium; since then, Hantai has collected an impressive number of honors and awards.

In 1985 Hantai founded the chamber group le Concert Francais with his brothers Marc Hantai and Jerome Hantai and violinist Francois Fernandez. At the same time, Hantai became a regular member of la Petite Bande, a period instrument orchestra led by Sigiswald Kuijken. Hantai has also worked extensively with conductors Philippe Herreweghe and his former teacher Gustav Leonhardt. On his own, Hantai's recordings of works of Johann Sebastian Bach have garnered him special praise from critics, in particular his two recordings of the Goldberg Variations, made in 1992 and 2002, respectively. But Hantai also specializes in seventeenth century English keyboard music and in the works of Domenico Scarlatti.

- Uncle Dave Lewis (All Music Guide)

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 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Les Six Concerts Brandebourgeois' - 1991, Astree
 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Musikalisches Opfer' - 2001, AliaVox
 Vincent Dumestre - 'Love Is Strange' - 2005, Alpha
 Gerard Lesne - 'Cantatas For Solo Countertenor' - 2001, Virgin
 Hugo Reyne - 'Purcell & Dieupart: Suites For Recorder' - 2001, Virgin, Veritas
 Jordi Savall - 'Tous Les Matins Du Monde' - 2001, AliaVox

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