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     Stefano Bollani

Born: Dec 5, 1972 in Milano, Italy
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Modern Creative, Avant-Garde Jazz
Instruments: Piano

Jazz pianist Stefano Bollani was born in Milan, Italy, on December 5, 1972. He began playing piano as a child in order to accompany his singing, but soon concentrated solely on the instrument, enrolling in a conservatory in Florence when he was 11. There, he studied both jazz and pop music, and after graduating in 1993, added his keyboard skills to albums for many of Italy's top pop stars, including Laura Pausini, Irene Grandi, and Jovanotti. When working with the latter in 1996 he met avant-garde jazz trumpeter Enrico Rava, who invited the young pianist to play with him in Paris, an opportunity Bollani quickly accepted. He then began to release more jazz albums, first with his trio (completed by bassist Ares Tavolazzi and drummer Walter Paoli) but also as a solo artist (like on 2003's Smat Smat and 2006's Piano Solo) as well as with other trios (2002's Fleurs Bleues drew from the talents of bassist Scott Colley and drummer Clarence Penn, while 2005's Gleda: Songs from Scandinavia used Jesper Bodilsen and Morten Lund) and even a quintet (2006's I Visionari). Bollani has also appeared on stages at the Umbria and Montreal Jazz Festivals, among others, and has performed with musicians like Gato Barbieri, Lee Konitz, Pat Metheny, Paolo Fresu, and Phil Woods.

- Marisa Brown (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Stefano Bollani - 'Falando De Amor' - 2003, Venus
 Stefano Bollani - 'Gleda Songs From Scandinavia' - 2005, Stunt
 Stefano Bollani - 'I'm In The Mood For Love' - 2007, Tokuma Records, Venus
 Stefano Bollani - 'Piano Solo' - 2006, ECM
 Stefano Bollani - 'Stone In The Water' - 2009, ECM
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Enrico Rava - 'Tati' - 2005, ECM
  как соисполнитель ...
 Richard Galliano - 'Gallianissimo!' - 2001, Vivid Sound
 Richard Galliano - 'Passatori' - 2000, Dreyfus
 Katrine Madsen - 'Close To You' - 2005, Stunt
 Enrico Rava - 'Easy Living' - 2004, ECM
 Enrico Rava - 'Shades Of Chet' - 1999, Via Veneto Jazz
 Giovanni Tommaso - 'La Dolce Vita' - 2005, CAM Jazz

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