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     Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Born: Jun 11, 1956 in Hempstead, NY
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Fusion, Free Funk
Instruments: Bass

Since his emergence with Ornette Coleman's Prime Time in the mid-'70s, Jamaaladeen Tacuma has been one of the top electric bassists in a style of music that could be called "free funk." Growing up in Philadelphia, Tacuma (who before he converted to Islam was known as Rudy McDaniel) played with Charles Earland. Only 19 when he joined Coleman in 1975, his ability to combine together funky rhythms with free jazz helped give Prime Time its distinctive (if overcrowded) sound. Tacuma's own solo career has been a bit erratic, alternating great moments with throwaway tracks. He also has played with a wide variety of advanced musicians (including James "Blood" Ulmer, Olu Dara, Julius Hemphill, and David Murray) but has yet to fulfill his great potential.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Jamaaladeen Tacuma - 'Rendezvous Suite' - 2011, Major Entertainment
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