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     Franck Avitabile

1971 born in Lyon (France).

1980 start musical studies to the National Conservatoire of Region of Lyon (ten years of classic piano).

1990 joined the class of piano Mario Stanchev's jazz of the CNR of Lyon. First concerts at the "Bec de Jazz" (Tchangode) and at Hot Club of Lyon.

1992-93 begin his studies of computer science in the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon. Training in the IRCAM to make a simulation compositionnelle to reconstitute an extract of a work of contemporary music by using the riddles of Iannis Xenakis.

1994 golden medal unanimously with congratulations on the jury of the CNR of Lyon. Subsidized in the big band jazz competition of Rives de Giers Festival with a duet drum/piano !

1995 End his three years of studies in the E.N.S of Lyon. His report of master concerns the online recognition of serie parallel graph.

1996 Holder of a Ph. D. scholarship in discreet mathematics and also admitted in Berklee School of Music of Boston, Franck prefers to continue its studies to the Superior National Music Conservatoire of Paris in jazz class. Decide then to dedicate completely to the music.

First pianist of the Collective Mu de Macon, so occurs to the Crescent Jazz Club solo, trio and quintet. Their concert to the festival of Jazz of Dijon receives a rather enthusiastic reception to empty of their public four other scenes of the festival...

Very attracted by the music of Bud Powell suite to a stage of three months in New York for its training of the second year to the E.N.S. Lyon (summer, 1994), recorded a first tribute to the boss of the piano bebop, in trio with Patric Maradan and Cdric Perrot. Fifty copies will be burnt at Cryo Interactive thanks to the friendly complicity of a friend developer of video games...

Gain the First prize of Vanves Piano Jazz National Competition chaired by Martial Solal and whose reward is the realization of a CD. Lumieres, pulled in one thousand copies, allows to concretize the meeting with the double bassist Louis Petrucciani (brother of Michel) and the drummer Thomas Grimmonprez.

Martial Solal writes about this first album: " one of the brightest among the brightest, here is Franck Avitabile, pianist and composer in the very personal initiative, having totally likened the language of the contemporary jazz and the jazz of always. I guarantee that we shall hear about it ".

1997 Participates in the project of Riccardo Del Fra beside Franois Jeanneau, Benjamin Henocq and of a chord orchestra. Three concerts take place, notably within the framework of the festival of Jazz of the Defence.

Live France in the emission "The surprises of Martial Solal" occurs for the first concert at Radio France (France Musique).

1998 In Tradition is recorded in January, and goes out in September. The idea consists for the main part of compositions little known by Bud Powell. Franck finds then his two reference double bassists players Riccardo Del Fra and Louis Petrucciani, and accompanied on drums by the Italian pianist Luigi Bonafede. Michel Petrucciani, precious and attentive artistic director, organizes and controls all the sessions.

All year round, Michel Petrucciani welcomes him in first part during big concerts such as the Top of Nancy.

In June, further to an infringement of the director, the buckle in two seasons a lightning schooling to the Conservatoire de Paris (crowned with a first prize unanimously).

In October, in the International Competition Martial de la Ville of Paris (60 pianists coming from more than 25 countries) Avitabile receives the Second Grand Prize.

1999 The death of Michel Petrucciani affects franck, who since cheek, in each of the concerts, a composition of the pianist.

The directory of the trio evolves in the course of the new compositions and the events of the life of Franck who becomes a dad of little Evan. He henceforth consists mostly of personal compositions as well as "songs" revisited according to a new concept of his invention on which Franck works for more than three years : " The study of the Chorales of Bach, and more generally the classic writing, brings me to a double report: on one hand, the pianistique writing classic is extraordinarily more developed than that of the piano jazz; on the other hand, there are really no contrapuntal improvisations in the jazz. I thus work the writing itself pianistique, with many detail, at the same moment on the driving of the voices and on the precision of the phras and the legato, expensive to the great masters such Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. I also work the contrapuntal improvisation, helped because I am left-handed. I created a complete system of r-harmonization, constituted of voicings of left hand in three voices, built on a permutation of fundamental which generates not congealed bars on which I can improvise in several voices at leisure! I also apply this principle for the trio. Thanks to it, a song as Cherokee ring as one of my compositions !"

2000 Record the album Right Time in February. It likes the presence on this album of the reference double bassist of Oscar Peterson and the companion of Bud, Niels-Henning Orsted-Pedersen. Roberto Gatto, companion of Richard Galliano completes this trio. Louis Petrucciani will also participate for some titles in these sessions. Taken out in October on label Dreyfus Jazz.

2002 Participation in solo piano in the music of the film directed by Claude Berri, A cleaning lady ("Une femme de mnage", featuring Emilie Dequenne, and Jean Pierre Bacri).

2003 Tour ( 20 dates) with the trumpeter Jean-Loup Longnon (France, Spain)

Selected by Adami as Talent 2003, New Trio is scheduled to the festivals of Marciac, Montreal, Athens, Vienna, Nice, Paris La Villette, Toulouse. Also participates in entertainments of tap-dancing with Rod Ferrone, Lane Alexander and the claquettiste and French improviser Fabien Ruiz.

Franck is henceforth sought for master-classes and juries of competition: Jam ( Montpellier), Music' Hall ( Toulouse), IMFP (Salon de Provence), Marciac (Boss of Pierre Bauzerand's training and masterclass to the school), CNR of Marseille (jury), Delle. He has the occasion to occur with Eric Le Lann, David Linx, Stphane Huchard, Tassel and Nature, Fillet of Soul (electro-jazz), Andr "dd" Ceccarelli.

2004 The year begins with an unexpected meeting to the festival of jazz of Maubeuge. Manu Katch invites him to join his group "The Tweeters" with Pino Palladino, to hold it certainly the piano, but also the Fender Rhodes, as a replacement of the guitarist Dominic Miller, retained by one of its tours with Sting... Standing ovation for this in many respects exceptional concert

In September, Franck will record its fourth album Dreyfus Jazz, which will consist essentially of improvisations in solo piano.

Manu Katch invites Avitabile, as well as Alex Tassel and Gildas Bocl, to form his new stage band, what confirms the interest of the pianist for the electro-jazz. A world Tour will take place from October 4th till November 15th, which will allow Franck to occur officially in the USA for the first time.

2005 The release of the first album in solo piano entitled "Just Play" surprises by its originality and its coolness: it possesses it "young more" which makes the exception and sees itself awarded for the first time the "CHOC" of Jazzman Magazine. This album captivates the auditors; on stage, he knows how to take his public without ever annoying him and communicates his enthusiasm by proposing a real interactivity...

Record or participates in the Soul album Fillet of opus 2, Apopsys Seven, Gilles Naturel Quintet.


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 Franck Avitabile - 'Paris Sketches' - 2009, Dreyfus
 Franck Avitabile - 'Right Time' - 2001, Dreyfus
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