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     William Turner

Composer and singer. He was a chorister under Edward Lowe at Christ Church, Oxford, and in the early 1660s at the Chapel Royal. With Humfrey and Blow he wrote "The Club Anthem," I Will Always Give Thanks; (ca. 1664). He became master of the choristers at Lincoln Cathedral in 1667, and returned to the Chapel Royal in 1669 to sing countertenor. He served as a member of the King's Private Musick from 1672, and appeared in Shadwell's The Tempestin 1674. He was later employed at St. Paul's Cathedral (1683) and at Westminster Abbey (1699). Cambridge University granted him the degree of Mus. D. in 1696. Turner's compositions include forty anthems, odes, a cantata, a motet, services, hymns and chants, and over fifty songs.


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