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     La Simphonie Du Marais

In 1987, Hugo Reyne decided to form an ensemble devoted entirely to reviving France's musical heritage of the 17th and 18th centuries. The name he chose combines the word "simphonie", which at the time was used to denote an instrumental ensemble, and the Marais, one of the most beautiful areas of Paris, typical of the Baroque period.

Hugo Reyne and La Simphonie du Marais perform a repertoire that ranges from the early baroque period to the classical period, with special emphasis on French music from Lully to Rameau. This ensemble brings together the most eminent musicians of the young baroque generation, giving Hugo Reyne the opportunity to bring his musicology research to life and to illustrate the innovative aspect of his interpretation.

The ensemble explore avenues of chamber music with flute or oboe, orchestral symphonies with between 15 and 30 musicians, open-air music with oboe band, side drums, trumpets and timpani and the birth of French opera.

Le Ch?ur du Marais was created in 1998 by Hugo Reyne in order to play the French opera repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries. It includes young singers. Its repertoire is essentially made up of works by Lully and Rameau.

Willing to unite music, theatre, poetry, dance, history and architecture, Hugo Reyne brings together actors, dancers and even horsemen with La Simphonie du Marais and Le Ch?ur du Marais, thus creating quite a troupe on performances and more specifically on thematic concerts that trigger the audiences' imagination.

La Simphonie du Marais has been performing for some twenty years on the national and international scenes, and has participated in numerous important musical events in French major cities and abroad. As for theatre, some comedie-ballets by Moliere and Lully have already been performed by La Simphonie du Marais which, in the operatic sphere, has also re-created many operas and devise a new programme devoted to Lully every year.

The ensemble is also to be found in the recording studio and around 20 CDs, all critically-acclaimed, have made their music known to a wider audience : Delalande, desmarest, Dieupart, Dornel, Franc?ur, Gautier,Haendel, Moreau, Philidor, Purcell, Rameau, thematic albums (La Fontaine, Musiques a danses, Musiques aux Etats du languedoc, Musiques pour les Mousquetaires), and, sicne 12999, a collection devoted to Lully (Accord).

In 2004, la Simphonie du Marais took up residence at La Chabotterie in Vendee, in the west of France, with the support of the Conseil General de Vendee, the Conseil Regional des Pays de la Loire and DRAC Pays de la Loire and Vendee expansion.


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 Hugo Reyne - 'Purcell & Dieupart: Suites For Recorder' - 2001, Virgin, Veritas

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