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     Heribert Breuer

Heribert Breuer, born in 1945, studied in Heidelberg, Berlin and Cologne: conducting with Helmuth Rilling and Hans-Martin Schneidt, composition with Ernst Pepping and Bernd Alois Zimmermann, organ with Horst Hempel and Karl Hochreither.

From 1968 to 1982 he was Cantor and Organist at St. Aegidien, Lubeck, and in Wurzburg and Aachen, where he was artistic director of the local Bach Festival. Since 1982 he has been Professor of Choral Conducting and Counterpoint at the Berlin Hochschule der Kunste. Since 1991 he has been the organist at St. Matthaus, where he founded the Berliner Bach Akademie, and directs the Bach Festival of St. Matthaus. Concert tours as organist and conductor have taken him to all the countries of western Europe, as well as to the Czech Republic, the USA and Latin America.

Heribert Breuer is the author of numerous compositions and transcriptions: J.S. Bach: The Art of Fugue (for 4 quartets) - W.A. Mozart: Orchestration of the piano sonatas

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 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'The Art Of The Fugue (Berliner Bach Akademie)' - 2000, Arte Nova

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