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     Vaclovas Augustinas

Vaclovas Augustinas,

Lithuanian, born 1959. Composer and choral conductor, and since 1992 director of the Vilnius-based choir Jauna Muzika. The original title of The Stomping Bride (1994) is Trepute Martela, which resists translation (the composer says). But I found it hard to relinquish the association I had formed on first hearing the piece under its curious English title - which for me conjures up images of the rather heavy women featured at one stage in the paintings of Picasso and Leger. The composer's note adds that the music is based on an old Lithuanian folksong about a young girl plucking, stretching and spinning flax while dancing at the same time. The choice of both percussion and melodic instruments (for this recording we used recorders, viola da gamba, and harpsichord) is somewhat free.

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 Various Artists - 'Baltic Voices 3' - 2005, Harmonia mundi

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