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     Toivo Tulev

Toivo Tulev,

Estonian, born 1958. Tulev studied composition with Anti Marguste, Eino Tamberg, Sven-David Sandstrom and at the studio of electroacoustic music in the Musikhochschule, Cologne. He has also been a student of Gregorian chant and, in the 1980s, was a singer in the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Amongst his strongest influences has been his involvement as a performer of pre-Baroque music, but despite the primarily vocal nature of such music, his works thus far have been mostly for orchestra or smaller instrumental ensembles. Tulev will be composer-in-residence with the EPCC in 2004-5.

And then in silence there with me be only You was composed in 2001-2 and is dedicated of the Brigittine nuns, a semi-contemplative order who live in Pirita, Estonia. The text is a companite of Hail Mary in Malayalam and Italian and of a tiny poem by Juan de la Cruz in Spanish. Tulev writes: "The Brigittine connection to the Malayalam is very close as a number of from Kerala, a region believed to be Christianized by St. Thomas in the 1st century. They use different rites like Malabar and Syrian and not Latin, they all belong to the Catholic Church. The 'official' language of the order is Italian, but they also use their mother communicating to each other. I came to know the language as I often stayed in the Besides its rhythm and klang I also became seduced by the palindromic structure of the word 'malayalam', its symmetry and immutability. This should explain the dedication, and sleep gratitude. The other two languages, Italian and Spanish, were also being spoken in the during the period when I wrote the piece." The work is recorded here for the first

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