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     Urmas Sisask

Urmas Sisask,

Estonian, born 1960. Sisask studied composition under Rene Eespere and graduated from the Tallinn Conservatory in 1985. He is described as a composer and amateur astronomer, but these two activities are in fact closely interlinked. In a modern echo of Kepler, Sisask has worked out theoretical sound values for the rotations of the planets in the solar system. This reduces to a planetal scale' of five tones: C-sharp, D, F-sharp, G-sharp and A, which by coincidence he found matches the Japanese scale kumayoshi. This scale forms the melodic and harmonic basis for Gloria Patri, a collection of twenty-four sacred songs exploring a varied range of contrapuntal techniques, from which I have selected five to form a small cycle. Sisask has composed music in many genres, not always associated with the stars, though perhaps his most well-known opus to date is the large-scale Starry Sky Cycle for piano, in two sets, one for each hemisphere, in which the shapes of certain constellations and their mythic significance are realised in music. Sisask lives in the village of Janeda where he gives concerts and lectures in his Musical Planetarium situated in the tower of an old manor house.

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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Various Artists - 'Baltic Voices 2' - 2004, Harmonia mundi
 Various Artists - 'Valery Gavrilin: Sketches For Piano 4 Hands. Urmas Sisask: Spiral Symphony' - 1999, Antes

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