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     Sven-David Sandstrom

Sven-David Sandstrom,

Swedish, born 1942. He studied musicology and art history at Stockholm University, and then composition at the Swedish Royal College of Music, where his teachers included Lidholm, Ligeti and Norgard. Although he concentrated at first on instrumental composition, his own experience as a choral singer has born fruit in a burgeoning number of choral works over the past twenty years. Es ist genug (1986) contains two quotes, one from a Swedish folksong, the other a passage from Buxtehude's cantata no. 24 "Eins bitte ich vom Herrn." Hear my prayer begins with Purcell's original composition, which is then subtly transformed into a sustained lament which builds into a passionate climax while the music gets slower and slower. Although I first encountered his music through my work with the Danish vocal ensemble "Ars Nova," it is by pleasant coincidence that Sandstrom started to teach at Indiana University a couple of years ago, enabling me to check musical points with him over a plate of Midwest sushi.

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