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     Steven Seagal

Steven got his first guitar at the age of 12 and has been playing the blues since. He has honed his craft over the years sharing his love for the blues and jamming with the most prolific blues legends in the industry. But it was not until Steven's mother influenced him to "let the world hear his music", that he released his first album, "Songs from The Crystal Cave", in 2004. Like "Songs From the Crystal Cave", his latest release, "Mojo Priest", celebrates the power of many of the musical influences that have compelled Steven to write and bring the art of story telling to his songs. Critically acclaimed as one of the best blues albums released this year, "Mojo Priest" captures the essence of not only Steven's smooth yet gritty guitar style, but also the essence of blues greats such as Muddy Waters, BB King, Bo Diddley, Robert Lockwood Jr, Ko Ko Taylor, James Cotton, Willie "Pine Top" Perkins and Hubert Sumlin.

Steven is an accomplished guitar player and his style of classic and modern blues is personified in a way that only Steven Seagal can accomplish. Even the amazing BB King was quoted as saying "Steven is great at Guitar". His natural talent and commitment to capture blues in a traditional and meaningful manner is evident in the music he writes and plays.


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 Steven Seagal - 'Mojo Priest' - 2006, Steamroller Productions

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