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     Leonidas Kavakos

Leonidas Kavakos was born in Athens in 1967. After studies in Greece and the USA (on a stipend from the Onassis Foundation), Kavakos swept to international recognition in the late 1980s, taking first prizes in the Paganini, Sibelius and Naumberg competitions - all before he was 21. Since then, he's been invited to play with most of the world's leading orchestras and has worked with numerous conductors and with chamber music partners including Mstislav Rostropovich and Kim Kashkashian. Kavakos most recently appeared on "Monodia" the double album of music by Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian, a project curated by Kashkashian: "Kavakos is simply electrifying, delivering the searingly expressive soloistic part with warm toned brilliance," wrote Christopher Ballantine in International Record Review.


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 Leonidas Kavakos - 'Stravinsky / Bach' - 2005, ECM

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