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     The Cracow Klezmer Band

Formed: 1997
Genre: World
Styles: Klezmer, Jewish Music, Eastern Europe, Gypsy
Instruments: Bayan, Violin, Double Bass, Vocals, Clarinet, Percussion

The Cracow Klezmer Band is a Polish quartet that plays a style of music that started as traditional klezmer and over time, evolved into contemporary Jewish music flavored with strong gypsy influences. Members of the group are violinist Jaroslaw Tyrala, double bassist Wojciech Front, accordionist Jarek Bester, and Oleg Dyyak, who plays percussion, clarinet, and accordion. Bester formed the Cracow Klezmer Band in 1997 in the city of Cracow. Over the next few years, the group built a growing fan base by appearing at Jewish Culture festivals in Hungary, Finland, Poland, Prague, and the Czech Republic. In between touring, the band began to work on recordings, completing a debut album, De Profundis, in September of 2000. It was followed by a sophomore offering, the Warriors, a short year later. A few of the tracks fans can sample from recordings done by the Cracow Klezmer Band include "Recollections of the Past," "Devil Circle," "Secrets of Life," "The Amorous Dance of the Orchid," "The Warrior," and "Memento Mori."

- Charlotte Dillon (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'Balan: Book Of Angels, Vol. 5' - 2006, Tzadik
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'Bereshit' - Tzadik
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'De Profundis' - 2000, Tzadik
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'Remembrance' - 2007, Tzadik
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'Sanatorium Under The Sign Of The Hourglass: A Tribute To Bruno Schulz' - 2005, Tzadik
 The Cracow Klezmer Band - 'The Warriors' - 2001, Tzadik

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