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     Jerry Hunt

Born: Nov 30, 1943 in Waco, TX
Died: Nov 27, 1993 in Canton, TX
Genre: Avant-Garde Music
Styles: Avant-Garde, Mixed Media, Modern Composition, Electronic
Instruments: Composer

One of the most original composers of our time, Hunt, often creating scores of complex physical moves in space, made a concert into an occasion that re-creates music's role in divination of all countries and ages...for example, his "Sur John Dee" (1966) in John Cage's thought-provoking compilation "Notations"(1969, Something Else Press). Hunt was also an innovative computer systems designer and created mysterious alliances of computers and primal energy in his installation pieces (one a voodoo hut with computerized proximity detectors triggering electronic sounds for the New Music America festival in Houston).

- Blue Gene Tyranny (All Music Guide)

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 Jerry Hunt - 'Song Drapes' - 1999, Tzadik

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