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     Jewlia Eisenberg


2004 Private study of Judeo-Andalusian song with R. Khaim Levi, Jerusalem
2000-03 Private composition lessons with Fred Frith, Mills College
1998 BA in Music, BA in History, University of California at Berkeley
1994 Formal training with sozanda Muna Nissimova, Bukhara
1992 Pair learning at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem


2005 Punch, as Charming Hostess. Recommended Records
2004 Sarajevo Blues, as Charming Hostess. Tzadik, Radical Jewish Culture
2004 Thick, with Red Pocket. Tzadik, Oracle Women's Series
2002 Trilectic, as Charming Hostess. Tzadik, Radical Jewish Culture
1998 Eat, as Charming Hostess. Vaccination Records

These albums all build on the sounds of the body and how they make their homes in the Jewish and African diasporas. All five contain ambitious settings for voice, and all are deeply committed to text and traditional music.


2005 on score of States of Unbelonging, by Lynne Sachs
2003 Starface - Short film based on an Isaac Babel screenplay. Adapted script, directed, scored.
2002 The Radical Film Project, present - New scores for silents with political content. Composed w/Devin Hoff.
1996 on score of Story of Lillith, by Lynne Sachs
1995 on score of Bad Jew by Eliza Engelberg


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 Jewlia Eisenberg - 'Trilectic' - 2001, Tzadik
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 Charming Hostess - 'Sarajevo Blues' - 2004, Tzadik

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