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     La Cetra

La Cetra Baroque Orchestra Basel, whose name is taken from the title of Antonio Vivaldi's Violin Concertos op. 9 (Amsterdam, 1727), made its first successful appearances in 2000. The core of the ensemble is made up of teachers and graduates of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis / College of Early Music (SCB) of the Basel Academy of Music. The orchestra has close organizational ties to the SCB, yet is independent financially, artistically, and in terms of personnel. The LA CETRA Association provides the statutory framework. The establishment of the orchestra was made possible through a cultural partnership with the Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation, which has guaranteed the financial support for the first five years. Concert projects with Gustav Leonhardt, Jordi Savall, Rene Jacobs, Attilio Cremonesi, and the Australian pianist and conductor Geoffrey Lancaster as preferred partners have led the orchestra to acclaimed appearances at festivals in Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and in a number of Swiss cities. The repertoire ranges from French suites of the sixteenth century to Haydn's late works The uniform training of the strings and the high quality of the winds lead to an ensemble sound that, in addition to the self-evident mastery of the technical aspects, combines precision, differentiation and tonal mellowness, and thus lends the ensemble its very own character. Engagements for opera projects (for example, at the Basel Theater) and oratorios alternate with La Cetra's own projects in which its repertoire is continually expanded in order to secure its place among the top ensembles of its kind.

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 Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello - 'Concerti, Sinfonie, Ouverture' - 2004, Harmonia mundi
 Francesco Venturini - 'Concerti Da Camera Op.1' - 2007, Zig Zag

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