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     Butch Cassidy Sound System

Despite over 50 years of depopulation, Glasgow is still Scotland's largest city. Musically it's still associated with twee indie, noisy post-rock and "singers" turning country classics into no go areas. Mungo's Hi Fi and The Butch Cassidy Sound System are welcome dub additions to the Glasgow music scene. Butch Cassidy basically appears to be Michael Hunter. His debut album is called Butches Brew, and this EP has two album tracks and a couple of extras. Hunter certainly loves his back catalogue of reggae but also has a strong passion for soul and funk. The tracks are nice and seemingly simple but manage to integrate more samples than the average hip-hop track. The cover of "Cissy Strut" will keep most dance floors jumping. Butch produces soulful reggae without going too wonky. It seems like Butch Cassidy is another reason to visit Glasgow besides Optimo, Mono, the CCA and Charles Rennie McIntosh.


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 Butch Cassidy Sound System - 'Butches Brew' - 2004, Fenetik

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