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     Arkady Shilkloper

Arkady Shilkloper
(French horn, flugelhorn, alphorn, didgeridoo, Wagner tuba etc.)

Born in Moscow, Russia, October 17, 1956.

At the age of six started to play alto horn in a brass orchestra at the Kuntsevo District Young Pioneers House in Moscow.

1967 to 1974: cadet at the Moscow Military Music School.
1974 to 1976: mandatory military service - private in the military orchestra at the Lenin Military Political Academy, Soviet Armed Forces.
1976 to 1981: studied French horn at the Gnessins State Music Education Institute (now Gnessins Russian Academy of Music.)
1978 to 1985: member of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.
1985 to 1989: member of the Moscow State Philharmonic Symphony.
1976 to 1978: along with his studies at the Gnesssins, takes courses in jazz improvisation at the Moscow Experimental Studio of Music Improvisation (now Moscow College of Improvised Music.)
1984 to 1986: first serious experience in jazz, a French Horn - acoustic bass duo (with bassist Mikhail Karetnikov.)
1985 to 1989: member of Three O, with Sergey Letov (saxes, flutes) and Arkady Kirichenko (tuba, vocal.) October, 2005: Three O celebrates its 20th anniversary (see picture.)

Since 1988: duo with Mikhail "Misha" Alperin (piano.) Their first ECM album "Wave Of Sorrow" (1989) was the first Russian album on ECM. Later on, Shilkloper participated in two more Alperin recordings for ECM: "North Story" (1997) и "First Impression" (1999, with John Surman.)

In 1990, the Alperin-Shilkloper duo invites Sergey Starostin, a Moscow Conservatory-educated clarinetist and a dedicated researcher of Russian authentic folklore music, which results in the creation of Moscow Art Trio. The trio tours regularly, though its members now live in three different countries; it is one of the most interesting and well-known Ethno Jazz groups from Russia. In Russia, their albums were released by Boheme Music; in Europe, by Jaro.


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 Arkady Shilkloper - 'Hornology' - 2000, Boheme Music
 Arkady Shilkloper - 'Mauve' - 2003, Quinton
 Arkady Shilkloper - 'Pilatus' - 2000, Jaro
 Arkady Shilkloper - 'The Brass Complot' - 1998, Boheme Music
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Misha Alperin - 'Wave Of Sorrow' - 1989, ECM
  как соисполнитель ...
 Misha Alperin - 'First Impression' - 1999, ECM
 Karl Berger - 'No Man Is An Island' - 1996, Knitting Factory Works
 Geir Lysne - 'The Grieg Code' - 2009, ACT
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Hamburg Concert' - 1996, Jaro Medien
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Instead Of Making Children' - 2006, Jaro Medien
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Live In Holland' - 2009, DOM
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Live In Karlsruhe' - 1998, Boheme Music
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Music' - Jaro Medien
 Pago Libre - 'Pago Libre' - 1996, Leo
 Pago Libre - 'Stepping Out' - 2005, Leo
 Pago Libre - 'Wake Up Call' - 1999, Leo
 Andreas Willers - 'The Ground Music' - 2000, Enja

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