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     Ray Bonneville

Genre: Rock
Styles: Singer/ Songwriter, Folk-Rock, Contemporary Folk, Americana
Instruments: Harmonica

Blues singer, musician, and songwriter Ray Bonneville is a Juno Award winner originally from Canada. Before he reached his teens, his large family moved to the United States, with him in tow. A few years later, when they headed back home to Canada, Bonneville stayed in the states on his own. He found work as a member in different bands and as a studio musician, playing both the harmonica and guitar. It gave him the perfect chance to polish his skills and learn from other artists. When he soon discovered being a musician wasn't paying all of the bills, he studied flying and put in enough hours to get his pilot's license. There were lots of other jobs along the way that put a roof over his head and food on the table, but through it all, his number one love was always making music. His music and odd jobs have given him the chance to travel through most of the United States, back into Canada, and even to Paris. Through all of that traveling, Bonneville kept playing at clubs and festivals. He was influenced by - and even performed with - great bluesmen like the legendary Muddy Waters and Bukka White.

In 1993, Bonneville finally finished his debut recording On the Main. It was followed by a fantastic sophomore effort in 1997, Solid Ground. Gust of Wind was released in 1999 and Rough Luck came out in 2000. That same year, his third album, Gust of Wind, earned him the esteemed Juno Award for Canada's Blues Album of the Year. Some of the tunes fans can find on Bonneville's recordings are "The Last Time," "Darlin' Don't Forget," "Just Before Dawn," "Roll With the Punches," "I'm Not Alone," and "Down on the Ground."

- Charlotte Dillon (All Music Guide)

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 Ray Bonneville - 'Roll It Down' - 2003, Red House

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