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     Oren Bloedow

Genre: Rock
Styles: Pop, Jazz-Pop, Jazz-Rock
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals

Oren Bloedow first gained renown in the New York downtown music scene as the bassist for John Lurie's Lounge Lizards and as a member of Samm Bennett's Chunk. A highly musical, understated bass player, Bloedow was an essential member of the early-90s Lounge Lizards, which had evolved from a post-punk non-jazz prank into a cohesive band carefully chosen by Lurie as an outlet for his rich musical vision. Along with his work as an instrumentalist, as best displayed on the Lounge Lizards Live in Berlin Volumes 1 and 2, Bloedow also revealed his penchant for songwriting on his quirky eponymous solo debut in 1993. Here, Bloedow showcased his distinct bass playing, sincere vocals and oddball lyrics with a full band of downtown musicians including guitarist Danny Blume and guest pianist/organist John Medeski. More rooted in the straight pop tradition was Bleed Your Cedar, the full length debut from Bloedow's band Elysian Fields with co-leader/singer Jennifer Charles. Released in 1996, Bloedow played guitar on and co-produced the album with keyboardist Ed Pastorini. A frequent live performer in New York, Bloedow has played guitar in the studio and on stage for artists including Dog's Eye View, Brenda Kahn and Chocolate Genius. In 1998 Bloedow released his second solo album, The Luckiest Boy in the World, on which the popular organ trio Medeski, Martin and Wood served as his backing band. Mar Enfortuna followed three years later.

- Matthew Carlin (All Music Guide)

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