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     Erkki-Sven Tuur

ERKKI-SVEN TUUR (16.10.1959 Kardla, Estonia)

In 1980 Tuur completed his studies in flute with Kalju Vest at the Tallinn Music School. In 1984 he graduated from the Tallinn Conservatory as composer under Prof. Jaan Raats. He has also taken private lessons with Lepo Sumera. His self-improvement in electronic music took place in Darmstadt.

The major part of Tuur's output is instrumental music. Still, at the beginning of his career when he was the leader of the rock ensemble In Spe he composed vocal music too (being himself the vocalist of the group). Among his later vocal works the Requiem (1994), written in memory of Estonian conductor Peeter Lilje, won the prize at UNESCO's International Rostrum of Composers Competition in Paris and has been performed in the radios of many countries.

It is hard to characterize Tuur's output as a whole because his language and style are changing continuously. His musical language is full of meaning and fascinates with plenty of contrasts and rich world of sound. His way of thinking is governed by deep intellectuality.

Tuur has collaborated with world-famous interpreters like violoncellist David Geringas (Concerto for violoncello was premiered in Lausanne in 1997), The Hilliard Ensemble (Exitatio ad contemplandum, 1996), percussionist Peter Saldo (Motus I, premiered in Munich in 1998), Cabasa Quartet (Motus II for quartet of percussions). The Lighthouse for orchestra was commissioned by Ausbach Bach festival in 1997).

A lot of Tuur's works are performed by the most well-known interpreters of Estonia. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir with the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra under Tonu Kaljuste recorded his Architectonics VI, Passion, Illusion, Crystallisatio and Requiem. This CD, titled Crystallisatio (ECM) was praisingly reviewed in the Grammophone and the Music? Magazine. Tuur's Third Symphony was premiered by the Estonian State Symphony Orchestra in 1997. The series Architectonics I-VII was recorded by the NYYD Ensemble (Finlandia Records, 1996).

In 1998 Tuur's Third Symphony, The Concerto for violoncello and Lighthouse were recorded by Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (ECM).

Tuur's music has been performed on festivals in many countries - Musica Nova in Helsinki (1998), Bang On A Can in New York (1998), Vale of Glamorgan festival in Wales (1996) and Wien Modern (1997, 1998) among them.

At the present time Tuur is working at the Violin concerto for Gidon Kremer and Frankfurt Radio

Symphony Orchestra and an opera on the subject of Raul Wallenberg case comissioned by Dortmund Opera for the year 2001.


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 Erkki-Sven Tuur - 'Architectonics' - 1996, Finlandia Records, CCn' C Records
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