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     Isang Yun

Born: Sep 17, 1917 in Tongyong
Dead: 1995
Genre: Chamber Music
Country: Korea/Germany

The soaring, impassioned Symphonies nos. 1 & 3 of Isang Yun come from the heart of a man persecuted by the paranoia of the state "authorities" - works written after he was twice imprisoned by South Korean police on suspicion of espionage, even once being kidnapped by them from Europe and forced back to South Korea. (He is, of course, innocent of these "crimes.") Yun is one of our fine new symphonists.

- "Blue Gene" Tyranny (All Music Guide)

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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Heinz Holliger - 'Lauds And Lamentations: Music Of Elliott Carter And Isang Yun' - 2003, ECM

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