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     Mireille Mathieu

Born: Jul 22, 1946 in Avignon, France
Genre: Vocal
Styles: French Pop, Traditional Pop
Instruments: Vocals

French chanteuse Mireille Mathieu is classically known for her illustrious French crooning during the '60s and '70s. Born into a stone labor family of 14 children, Mathieu arrived July 22, 1946, in Avignon, France, and as a child she saved her money from working in the factory so she could pay for singing lessons. In the early '60s, French pop vocalist Johnny Hallyday's manager Johnny Stark noticed Mathieu's enchanting vocalic beauty and later built her into her own star with the classic urchin hairdo and loud, vibrant costumes. She was quickly hailed as the next Edith Piaf and her 1965 performance run at the Paris Olympia sparked her recording relationship with Barclay Records. Singles such as "Mon Credo," "C'est Ton Nom," and "Qu'elle Est Belle" made Mathieu an international star in Europe while achieving mild success in the Americas, but her cover of Englebert Humperdinck's "The Last Waltz" was an impressive French interpretation that made her impact charts in Britain. Humperdinck returned the favor by choosing to sing Mathieu's "Les Bicyclettes de Belsize."

-MacKenzie Wilson (All Music Guide)

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 Mireille Mathieu - 'Ce Soir Je T'ai Perdu' - 1990, Carrere Music
 Mireille Mathieu - 'Chante Piaf' - 2012, Ariola, Sony Music
 Mireille Mathieu - 'Die Welt Ist Schon, Milord' - 1987, BMG, Ariola
 Mireille Mathieu - 'L'americain' - 1959, Carrere Music
 Mireille Mathieu - 'Mireille Mathieu' - 1991, Carrere Music
 Mireille Mathieu - 'Mireille Mathieu Chante Piaf' - 1993, Atlantic
 Mireille Mathieu - 'Unter Dem Himmel Von Paris' - 1993, BMG, Ariola

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