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     Ivan Moody

Ivan Moody was born in London in 1964, and studied composition with Brian Dennis and John Tavener. Eastern liturgical chant has had a profound influence on his music, as has the spirituality of the Orthodox Church to which he belongs. The Hilliard Ensemble were early champions of his work and performed his Canticum canticorum I around the world (and later recorded it for A Hilliard Songbook), and in 1993 John Potter's Red Byrd group together with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir under Tonu Kaljuste premiered his oratorio "Passion and Resurrection". Moody's cycle "Endechas y Canciones" was written for Hilliard Ensemble , premiered by them in Leipzig, and also included in their A Hilliard Songbook.
He later studied Orthodox theology through the continuing education centre of the University of Joensuu, Finland, and is currently pursuing postgraduate compositional work with William Brooks at the University of York. Much of his music is influenced by eastern liturgical chant. He is also active as a conductor, editor and writer. His composition "Words of the Angel" provides the Trio Mediaeval with the title track for their debut disc.


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 Trio Mediaeval - 'Soir, Dit-Elle' - 2004, ECM
 Trio Mediaeval - 'Words Of The Angel' - 2001, ECM

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