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     Andre Volkonsky

Born: February 14, 1933
Dead: September 16, 2008

The descendant of the most aristocratic family, the prince, he was born in exile in Geneve in 1933. As a child he played his improvisations to Sergei Rachmaninov. Then he studied piano with the legendary Dinu Lipatti, and composition with Nadia Boulanger. The Volkonsky family resettled in Moscow in 1947. From 1950 to 1954 he studied at the Moscow Conservatory under Yuri Shaporin, but was expelled for the breaking of some minor disciplinary rules. In 1956 Volkonsky began the career of a harpsichord player and conductor. In 1964 he founded an ensemble of early music, called 'Madrigal'.

He was the first Soviet composer who began experiments with twelve-tone and serial techniques. His works were very important and greatly influenced his colleagues. To write this sort of music at that time was an act of courage: it was also a protest against the oppression of freedom, and against the duties of composers in Soviet Russia to follow a few prescribed examples. It was a real renewal and enrichment of the musical language in Russia. And it is not surprising that his music was forbidden and banned from performance.

In order to get permission to go abroad Volkonsky entered into a pro forma marriage with a Jewish woman, and divorced after he left the country. He said that he was fighting for 25 years to establish and preserve his artistic individuality in Moscow before requesting the right to emigrate in December 1972.

"The next day I was expelled from the Union of Composers. All my concerts were cancelled. The record company was instructed not to issue the recordings I has made…" (Andrey Volkonsky)
But he could not to leave immediately. Five months of suspense and unemployment followed, during which Volkonsky sold most of his belongings, including scores and books, to keep him financially afloat. He hounded the passport office.

"The Soviet authorities finally had the intelligence and wisdom to allow a composer who was of no use to them in their fulfilment of their music five-year plans because he could not compose the kind of music that alone can be played in the Soviet Union… I was just a speck of dirt in the grand marble palace of Soviet Culture." (Andrey Volkonsky)

At first returned to Geneve, the town where he was born, and later settled in Aix-en-Provence (the South of France).

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ВОЛКОНСКИЙ, Андрей Михайлович (1933-2008) - русский композитор, клавесинист, дирижер, музыковед.

Учился в Женеве у Липатти и в Париже у Буланже, а после переезда семьи Волконских в СССР (1947) - у Ю.А. Шапорина в Московской консерватории. До 1955 писал под влиянием Прокофьева и Стравинского; ранние кантаты, камерно-инструментальные и оркестровые произведения Волконского были с одобрением восприняты советской публикой и критикой. Отношения Волконского с идеологическими службами советского режима резко ухудшились после того, как он обратился к современным западным техникам композиции. В 1956 Волконский написал фортепианный цикл Musica stricta ("Строгая музыка") - первый образец серийной техники в русской музыке. Затем последовали камерно-вокальные циклы "Сюита зеркал" на слова Ф. Гарсиа Лорки (1959) и "Жалобы Щазы" на фольклорный текст (1960), стилистически родственные позднему Стравинскому и Булезу. С этих произведений Волконский фактически началась история авангарда в СССР. С 1962 музыка Волконского в СССР не исполнялась; его официально разрешенная деятельность ограничивалась выступлениями в качестве клавесиниста и органиста, руководителя первого в СССР ансамбля старинной музыки Мадригал (основан Волконским в 1964) и композитора киномузыки. В 1973 эмигрировал из СССР, жил во Франции.


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