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     Australia Ensemble

Become a connoisseur of the finest chamber music as the Australia Ensemble explores a series of vital and attractive programs in its 2006 subscription season. Well-known for its intelligent and vibrant programming, the Australia Ensemble continues to challenge and engross its loyal audiences, and the 2006 season offers the usual richness to which they are accustomed. The contrast of fresh new works alongside compelling masterpieces is an inviting and colourful concert experience. The season commemorates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart and the centenary of the birth of Shostakovich in 2006, with works threaded throughout the programs


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 Australia Ensemble - 'Music Of The Second Vienese School' - 1990, Fifth Continent Music, Entr'acte
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 Luigi Dallapiccola - 'Liriche Greche. Divertimento In Quattro Esercizi. Piccola Musica Notturna' - 1988, Musica Viva

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