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     Simon Fordham

Simon Fordham was born in Melbourne in 1965. He began taking violin lessons with Brian Blake at the age of six and continued his studies with Brian Finlayson at the Victorian College of the Arts. Fordham then went to Germany, where he attended the Robert Schumann College of Music in Dusseldorf, completing his solo training with Rosa Fain and attending chamber music courses with the Amadeus Quartet. His career as an orchestra musician began with the German Chamber Academy of Neuss and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra; upon completing his studies, he became a member of the West German Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 1991 he joined the Munich Philharmonic to be able to work under Sergiu Celibidache. The following year he became a member of the Rosamunde Quartett, Munich.


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 Tigran Mansurian - 'String Quartets' - 2005, ECM
 Valentin Silvestrov - 'Leggiero, Pesante' - 2002, ECM

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