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     Silke Avenhaus

Silke Avenhaus studied with Bianca Bodalia and Klaus Schilde in Munich and Gyorgy Sebok at Indiana University in Bloomington. Sandor Vegh and Andras Schiff also numbered among her teachers. Avenhaus has played with a host of distinguished musicians, including Thomas Zehetmair, Isabelle Faust, Anja Lechner, Christoph Poppen and, as a member of the Munch Trio, with Xenia Jankovic and Arvid Engegard. Several composers, such as Jorg Widmann, Magnar Aam and Akikazu Nakamura, have written works for her. She has given concerts in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and during the 2000/2001 season, performed in the European musical capitals of Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens and Cologne, and at New York's Carnegie Hall, all under the auspices of the Rising Star Series. Avenhaus is a frequent partner of the Rosamunde Quartett.


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www.silke-avenhaus.de Personal website. Biography, discography
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 Valentin Silvestrov - 'Leggiero, Pesante' - 2002, ECM

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