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     Andrey Boreyko

Andrey Boreyko was born in St Petersburg in 1957. He is currently music director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, chief conductor of the Hamburg Symphoniker, and first guest conductor of the SWR Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart. For the 2006/7 season, he has been appointed chief conductor designate of the Bern Symphony Orchestra. Boreyko regularly conducts the major orchestras at leading international music festivals. A focal point of his repertoire is music of contemporary composers from the former Soviet Union.

The SWR Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart was founded 1946, and its great conductors have included Carl Schuricht, Sergiu Celibidache, Georges Pretre, and, from 1998, Sir Roger Norrington. The orchestra was previously heard on ECM in performances of two other major works, Heinz Holliger's Violin Concerto and Helmut Lachenmann's "Das Madchen mit den Schwefelholzern."


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