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     Arturo Delmoni

Styles: Christmas, Classical
Instruments: Violin

Beginning violin when he was four years old, and now considered to be one of the most technically adept violinists in the United States, Arturo Delmoni's performances are prized as much for the tone he generates as for his virtuosity. While he performs constantly, he is not linked to any one orchestra or group, preferring to travel and work with a variety of ensembles, with his live performances ranging from duets to full-blown orchestral works. As a recording artist, he has generally steered clear of the large, generic classical record companies, preferring instead to record for audiophile companies such as John Marks Records and Water Lily Acoustics.

- Steven McDonald (All Music Guide)

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 Various Artists - 'Music For A Glass Bead Game' - 1997, John Marks Records

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