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     In Extremo

German heavy metal band In Extremo issued their debut album, Weckt Die Toten, in 1998; the record was reissued in the U.S. the following year. Verehrt Und Angespien (Worshipped & Spat At) appeared in early 2000.

-Steve Huey (All Music Guide)


It's meanwhile 2001, and time to complete the band history somewhat...
I believe very few bands can remember the exact date of their foundation, often the beginnings are too confused and the paths from the first idea to the first trial and (God allowing) to the first concert often to rocky and meandering. I reckon most projects have premature births or forceps deliveries anyway, and therefore don't even make it to their first birthday.

It wasn't any different for us and IN EXTREMO also shows signs of a long and confused prehistory:
The ideas - on the one hand to play medieval music and to connect at some time with rock music - actually appears simultaneously on the plan. Sometime in 1994 Thomas and Michael's then rock band, NOAH, gave a concert in the former Berlin "Franzklub", to which they invited some musicians from CORVUS CORAX as guests for a joint session. Michael was as always on the hunt for new ideas and consorts, in addition Reiner and I had left the band half a year before to practice uneven beats, double bass and increased volume with TAUSEND TONNEN OBST. The combination between NOAH and CORVUS CORAX could, in retrospect, be described as a success, however, it was on extremely shaky legs, was also from the beginning only planned as a session and thus not repeated. The idea itself was, however, considered good and that, as can be heard today with the examples of TANZWUT and IN EXTREMO, is evident from both sides.

Hopefully it is now clear for good who was there first: the chicken or the egg!? Shortly after Teufel and Michael, who in the meantime gained (as a result of a popular T-Shirt motif with a picture of Klaus Kinski) the pseudonym "Das letzte Einhorn", formed a duo by the name of PULLARIUS FORZILLO and also played the medieval markets like CORVUS CORAX. Since Reiner and I still had good contact with Einhorn and the idea of a connection between medieval music and rock wasn't letting him sleep, we met sometime in 1995 in our OBST rehearsal room in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg and made a decision on the whole thing - washed down with a few drinks.

The line-up? Einhorn, Teufel, Reiner, Thomas, Detlef Mahler and yours truly. Somehow this action didn't give rise to anything worth considering - at least nothing that sounded more promising than our other projects, nothing that would have animated us to continue. Only "Ai Vis Lo Lop" survived then in a wonderful way as a vague idea and short casette track and then appeared later on our debut album "Weckt die Toten!" with new prestige.

Shortly after, Teufel left PULLARIUS FORZILLO for CORVUS CORAX and in Conny, the red fox (today FILIA IRATA) and two other musicians, Einhorn found new members for a new medieval band. After several changes to the line-up, Flex der Biegsame and Dr. Pymonte finally joined the band. NOAH also sometimes showed signs of life, meanwhile it was changing more and more into a side project for all involved, but then back together with Thomas, Reiner, Einhorn and myself - and there you have it, the IN EXTREMO line up at that time.


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 In Extremo - 'Die Verruckten Sind In Der Stadt' - 1998, Vielklang Musikproduktion

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