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     Corona Borealis

The idea of Corona Borealis was born after Kristian Nordeide and Ronny Hovland made a "medieval" style musical piece for the first Aeternus CD. Hammerheart generously gave us a contract and we started working on a CD project where the scope was to try to mix folk-themes with medieval music without being concerned about authenticity in style or technique. The only principle we wanted to keep was to use only acoustic instruments.
As it turned out Ronny had a to put most of his energy into Aeternus and also at some point he played with Immortal. The main part of the Corona Boralis project was thus carried through by Kristian. He also invited different guest artists to participate.

We have been concerned about getting as much sound as possible out of the instruments. We did not want to spoil the natural quality of the sound by processing etc. We have in some instances tried to "enlarge" the wooden body of the instruments by adding reverb effects etc. But the main theme has been to protect and accentuate the natural wooden quality of the sound. The album hopefully will reflect this. Some of the instruments on the CD have been made by Kristian (for instance the bagpipes on "Cantus Paganus" and all harps).

Kristian Nordeide - Pipes, flute, harp, lyre, hurdy-gurdy, vinuela, percussion
Ronny Hovland - Guitars, percussion, jew's harp


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 Corona Borealis - 'Cantus Paganus' - 2001, Well Of Urd

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