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     William Aura

Genre: New Age
Styles: Adult Alternative
Instruments: Percussion, Keyboards, Producer, Mixing, Synthesizer

Before signing with Higher Octave Records in the late '80s, Aura composed music for the healing arts based on research into psycho-acoustic audio production. He mixed zithers and other acoustic instruments with synthesizers to create a warm, relaxing bath of sounds. Aura has picked up the tempo on his latest albums with pleasant results.

- Linda Kohanov (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 William Aura - 'Dreamer. Fantasy' - 1995, Higher Octave
  как соисполнитель ...
 3rd Force - '3rd Force' - 1994, Higher Octave
 3rd Force - 'Collective Force' - 2000, Higher Octave
 3rd Force - 'Driving Force' - 2002, Higher Octave
 3rd Force - 'Force Of Nature' - 1995, Higher Octave
 3rd Force - 'Gentle Force' - 2002, Higher Octave
 Craig Chaquico - 'Four Corners' - 1999, Higher Octave
 Craig Chaquico - 'Once In A Blue Universe' - 1997, Higher Octave

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