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     Dave Thompson

Born: May 21, 1969 in Jackson, MS
Died: Feb 14, 2010 in Augusta, GA
Genres: Blues.
Styles: Contemporary Blues.
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar

Dave Thompson has been playing blues guitar since age nine, with the encouragement and help of his musician father. A native of Mississippi, Thompson was playing in backing bands for local acts like the Greenville Letts by his early teens. Club owner and fellow bluesman Booba Barnes hooked up with Thompson when the latter was 15, and the two made the rounds on Mississippi's sometimes-violent club circuit. Thompson's first appearance on record was on David Malone's debut album for Fat Possum Records. (Malone is the son of bluesman Junior Kimbrough.) This gig gave Thompson a springboard for his own solo project, Little Dave and Big Love, which was released in 1995 and showcases Thompson's fiery playing.

- Steve Huey (All Music Guide)

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 Dave Thompson - 'C'mon Down To The Delta' - 2001, JSP
 Dave Thompson - 'Deep In The Night' - 2008, Electro-Fi Records
 Dave Thompson - 'Got To Get Over You' - 2006, Electro-Fi
 Dave Thompson - 'Little Dave And Big Love' - 1995, Fat Possum

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