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     Hans Koch

Born 1948, lives in Biel, Switzerland. Hans Koch has quit his carreer as a recognised classical clarinetist to become one of the most innovative improvising reed-players in Europe. He has been working with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Fred Frith since the eighties. As a composer he has shaped the sound of Koch-Schutz-Studer since the beginning as well as working for radio-plays and film.Since the nineties he has been working with electronics as an extension of the saxes/clarinets as well as with sampling/sequencing. As a reed-player he is always working on his very own vocabulary and sound, which makes him a very unique voice on the actual scene.


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www.koch-schuetz-studer.ch Discography
www.intaktrec.ch/Hanskoch-a.htm Discography
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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Hans Koch - 'Roots And Wires' - 2000, Intakt
  как соисполнитель ...
 Barry Guy - 'Mad Dogs' - 2013, Not Two
 Lawrence Butch Morris - 'Testament: A Conduction Collection' - 1995, New World Records

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