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     Anthony Coleman

Genre: Electronic/Avant-Garde/Minimalist Music
Styles: Modern Composition, Post-Bop, Avant-Garde, Jewish Music
Instruments: Organ, Piano

Accomplished keys player and composer Anthony Coleman has gained recognition as an inspired player and talented standout of the avant-garde and klezmer-oriented jazz coming out of NYC's downtown throughout the '80s and '90s. Coleman has performed and recorded with just about every musician involved in this downtown scene, including John Zorn, guitarist Elliot Sharp, David Moss, renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas, premier accordian player Guy Klucevsek, David Shea, former Captain Beefheart band member Gary Lucas, classical and klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer, guitarist Marc Ribot and many more. Coleman has performed and recorded all over the world, with his groups Sephardic Tinge trio - they've toured Europe three times, and released two CDs - and Selfhaters; all of their releases are on the Tzadik label. Found on the related Avant label is Coleman's Disco by Night, a recording inspired by his experiences in ex-Yugoslavia. Through most of the '90s, Coleman and saxophonist Roy Nathanson have co-led projects, performing all over the U.S. and Europe together. The duo have also recorded several albums, including Lobster and Friend. Coleman has received commissions for his compositions from various ensembles including Bang On a Can, Concert Artists Guild, and The Crosstown Ensemble. His compositions can also be heard on harpist Carol Emanuel's Koch release, Tops of Trees, and Guy Klucevsek's accordian extravaganza, Manhattan Cascade, among others.

-Joslyn Layne (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной исполнитель ...
 Anthony Coleman - 'Sephardic Tinge' - 1995, Tzadik
  как соисполнитель ...
 Ballin' The Jack - 'The Big Head' - 2001, Knitting Factory
 Serge Gainsbourg - 'Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg' - 1997, Tzadik
 Hasidic New Wave - 'Jews And The Abstract Truth' - 1997, Knitting Factory, Evolver
 David Krakauer - 'Klezmer Madness !' - 1995, Tzadik
 Frank London - 'Invocations' - 2000, Tzadik
 Frank London - 'The Debt' - 1997, Tzadik Records
 David Moss - 'Texture Time' - 1993, Intakt
 Pharaoh's Daughter - 'Exile' - 2002, Knitting Factory Records
 Sephardic Tinge - 'Our Beautiful Garden Is Open' - 2002, Tzadik
 David Shea - 'Prisoner' - 1994, Sub Rosa
 Wadada Leo Smith - 'Lake Biwa' - 2004, Tzadik
 Various Artists - 'A Guide For The Perplexed' - M&A Group, Planet Music
 John Zorn - 'Bar Kokhba' - 1996, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Duras: Duchamp' - 1997, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Kristallnacht' - 1993, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'New Traditions In East Asian Bar Bands' - 1996, Avant, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Spillane' - 1987, Elektra Nonesuch
 John Zorn - 'The Big Gundown. John Zorn Plays The Music Of Ennio Morricone' - 1985, Tzadik

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