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     Dmitry Pokrovsky

Genre: World
Styles: Wedding Music
Instruments: Vocals

Moscow-born Dmitry Pokrovsky was preparing for a career in classical music when he became fascinated by the folk music and dances of Russia. Forming the Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble, Pokrovsky devoted himself to collecting and preserving the traditional songs of his homeland. Among the many awards that he received for his efforts was the prestigious Gorbatchew award of merit for "caring for Russian culture."

Introduced to Russian folk music while conducting a research excursion as a student at Moscow Gnessin Institute, Pokrovsky was shocked that the "real" music was being replaced by more contemporary styles, including balalaika and kasatchok. Together, with members of his troupe, he traveled through the Russian countryside, collecting traditional songs and dances. Much of the ensemble's repertoire focused on the traditions of the central Russian region south of Moscow and north of the Ukraine. Traditional music was more than an artifact from the past, however, as Pokrovsky often invited jazz musicians to improvise with his group.

Pokrovsky taught many years at the Academy Interstudio in Puschkin.

-Craig Harris (All Music Guide)

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