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     Vincent Courtois

Vincent Courtois was born in Paris in 1968 and began playing the cello at six years of age.He took classical studies at the conservatory in Aubervillier with E. Faure, R. Pidoux and F. Lodeon while discovering jazz and improvisation with Didier Levallet and Dominique Pifarely.

In 1988, Vincent began playing in various Parisian groups (Christian Escoude and Michel Petrucianni) and his first CD as a leader, titled "Cello News", was released in 1990.Since then Vincent has recorded eight CD' as a leader, among them; "Translucide" (with Michel Godard and Noel Akchote) and "The Fitting Room" with (Dominique Pifarely and Marc Ducret) both for Enja Records.

Vincent played in several of Rabih Abou Khalil's bands ("Yara" and "The Cactus of Knowledge") and plays frequently with clarinetist Louis Sclavis ("L'affrontement des pretendants" and "Napoli's walls" on ECM Records).Vincent also plays regularly with trombonist Yves Robert ( "In Touch", ECM).

In the past fifteen years Vincent Courtois has played or recorded with artists such as Pierre Favre, James Newton, Laurent de Wilde, Julien Lourau, Jim Black, Tomas Stanko, Dave Douglas, Renaud Garcia Fons, Tom Raney, Mark Nauseef, Joachim Kuhn, Michel Portal, Henri Texier, Dave Holland, Francois Corneloup...


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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Vincent Courtois - 'The Fitting Room' - 2001, Enja
  как соисполнитель ...
 Rabih Abou-Khalil - 'The Cactus Of Knowledge' - 2001, Enja
 Rabih Abou-Khalil - 'Yara' - 1999, Enja
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Marvellous' - 1994, Dreyfus
 Louis Sclavis - 'Napoli's Walls' - 2004, ECM

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