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Genre: Jazz
Styles: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Jazz-Pop, Avant-Garde, Modern Creative

The improvising quartet Mujician was formed in 1988. The group has performed at music festivals in England and Italy, and played with improvisers in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1991. Mujician's first CD, The Journey, consisted of a single hour-long track recorded before a large festival audience. Their second release, Poem About the Hero, contains five improvisations from two to 30 minutes in length, recorded before a small, invited audience. Colours Fulfilled followed in 1998. Mujician's members are Paul Dunmall (reeds), Tony Levin (percussion), Paul Rogers (bass) and Keith Tippett (piano). Dunmall was classically trained on clarinet. Levin (not The King Crimson member) studied drums and jazz from age 13 and became a professional at 17. Rogers is self-taught. Tippett has played with his 50-piece ensemble, Centipede, and was a studio member of King Crimson from 1970 through 1972.

-Jim Dorsch (All Music Guide)

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 Mujician - 'Birdman' - 1996, Cuneiform

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