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     Pheeroan AkLaff

Born: Paul Mattox on 1955 in Detroit, MI
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz, Avant-Garde, Modern Creative
Instruments: Percussion, Drums

A versatile drummer who has mostly been associated with the avant-garde, Pheeroan akLaff has appeared with some of the more adventurous musicians in jazz of the past 20 years. Early on, he played with Jay Hoggard (1975) and then in New Haven, CT, with Leo Smith's New Dalta Ahkri. In addition to a longtime association with altoist Oliver Lake (including work with the reggae group Jump Up), akLaff has worked with Henry Threadgill's Sextet, New Air (where he replaced Steve McCall for Air's last couple of recordings during 1983-1986), George Adams, Sonny Sharrock, Anthony Davis, James Newton, Cecil Taylor, and Myra Melford. akLaff has recorded as a leader for Gramavision (an obscure EP in 1983) and Mu (1989).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Don Byron - 'Bug Music' - 1996, Nonesuch
 Don Byron - 'Love, Peace And Soul' - 2012, Savoy Jazz
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 Baikida Carroll - 'Marionettes On A High Wire' - 2001, OmniTone
 Baikida Carroll - 'Shadows And Reflections' - 1982, Soul Note
 Anthony Davis - 'Hemispheres' - 1983, Gramavision
 Marty Ehrlich - 'The Welcome' - 1990, Ausverkau
 Marty Ehrlich - 'Things Have Got To Change' - 2009, Clean Feed Records
 Julius Hemphill - 'One Atmosphere' - 2003, Tzadik
 Oliver Lake - 'Expandable Language' - 1985, Black Saint
 David Murray - 'Yonn - De' - 2002, Prospekt, Justin Time
 Ozay - 'Antiquated Love' - 1995, ITM Archives
 Henry Threadgill - 'The Complete Recordings On Black Saint And Soul Note' - 2010, Black Saint, CAM Jazz
 Henry Threadgill - 'You Know The Number' - 1986, Novus
 Reggie Workman - 'Summit Conference' - 1993, Postcards

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