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     Accordion Tribe

Genre: World
Styles: Ethnic Fusion, Modern Creative

The Accordion Tribe is an all-star group of the world-renowned accordionists who formed for a brief project in the late 1990s. American accordionist Guy Klucevsek brought together Lars Hollmer (Sweden), Maria Kalaniemi (Finland), Otto Lechner (Austria) and Bratko Bibic (Slovenia). They first convened in Gent, Belgium for three days of rehearsals in May, 1996, ending with a show in Vooruit. After a successful performance, the quintet did a three-week tour through Austria, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland, recording the performances as they went. Lars Hollmer took the recordings and put together their self-titled 1997 release on Intuition Records. In 1998, Klucevsek organized a quartet of the same name with Alan Bern, Amy Den and Pauline Oliveros. Accordion Tribe 2 had a two week European tour that spring, and released the CD, Accordion Tribe 2: Four Accordions of the Apocalypse. In late May, the original Accordion Tribe regrouped for a performance that brought down the house at a new music festival in Quebec, FIMAV.

- Joslyn Layne & Dave Lynch (All Music Guide)

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 Accordion Tribe - 'Accordion Tribe' - 1998, Intuition

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