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     Tierney Sutton

Born: Jun 28, 1963
Genre: Vocal
Styles: Bop, Standards, Vocal Jazz
Instruments: Vocals

A fine Los Angeles-based jazz singer, Tierney Sutton has a lot of potential for the future. She grew up in Milwaukee and attended Boston University and Wesleyan, where she gained a degree in Russian language and literature. At Wesleyan, Sutton became involved in singing jazz and after graduating she went to Berklee for a few semesters, studying under Jerry Bergonzi. In 1994 she moved to Los Angeles and has since become a fixture in the area's jazz scene. Sutton, who teaches voice at USC, often leads her own group, sings with Buddy Childers and Dave MacKay, and has guested with the Les Brown Orchestra. Sutton's debut CD was for the A Music label in 1998; she has also recorded with Childers, and issued Unsung Heroes in the spring of 2000. The next record, Blue in Green, was a tribute to pianist Bill Evans that offered several songs that he had either recorded or collaborated on. Another record of standards, Something Cool, followed in 2002 and offered several different genres including country and showtunes. She followed up with two more fine records for Concord, 2004's Dancing in the Dark and 2005's I'm with the Band.

-Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Tierney Sutton - 'Blue In Green' - 2001, Telarc
 Tierney Sutton - 'Im With The Band' - 2005, Telarc
 Tierney Sutton - 'On The Other Side' - 2007, Telarc
 Tierney Sutton - 'Something Cool' - 2002, Telarc
 Tierney Sutton - 'Unsung Heroes' - 2000, Telarc

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