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     Francesco Corteccia

Born: Jul 27, 1502 in Florence, Italy
Dead: Jun 7, 1571 in Florence, Italy
Country: Italy

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(Pierfrancesco) (Pier) Francesco Corteccia

Italian composer. He spent his life in Florence, becoming first a choirboy at S. Giovanni Battista in 1515; associated with this church until 1522, again from 1527 (as chaplain) then (as organist), from 1535 until 1540 when he became maestro di cappella. He was appointed organist of S. Lorenzo, the chapel of the Medici family for a year from 1531, then appointed maestro di capilla to Cosimo I de'Medici, Duke of Florence, and at Florence Cathedral from 1539-posts held at the same time as that held at S. Giovanni-during which time he wrote the music for many intermedi, the first being for Cosimo's wedding in 1539. He published several volumes of madrigals and motets; the turba parts for a Passion survive, together with meditative motets to be interpolated. His music for the 1539 intermedio included pieces for voice and instruments and a 9-part motet Ingredere performed by twenty-four voices, four cornetts and four trombones (despite the Latin text this was the earliest 'ceremonial madrigal'). He was one of the first to write note nere madrigals, and to bring Neapolitan villanellas to the attention of north Italian musicians. The sacred works include not only the two early Passions, but also a cycle of hymns for the church year, two books of music for Tenebrae services, and thirty-six motets for five and six voices published posthumously in two volumes.


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