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     Francis Pilkington


English composer, lutenist and singer. Francis Pilkington received the B.Mus. degree from Lincoln College, Oxford in 1595. He became a Singing Man at Chester Cathedral in 1602, was ordained as a minor canon in 1612. He took holy orders and became a 'full minister' in 1614, subsequently serving as a curate at various local churches until he was appointed precentor of the cathedral in 1623, and was active in the choir. In 1631 he became rector of Aldford, near Chester. Though connected with the church, he was mainly a composer of secular music. He published three volumes, one of first rate ayres-The First Booke of Songs or Ayres(1605)-and two of madrigals The First Set of Madrigals and Pastorals(1613) and The Second Set of Madrigals and Pastorals(1624), including balletts in the style of Thomas Morley, and lute songs. He also wrote music for viol and for lute (the latter probably early pieces, in the main), and is represented in Leighton's Tears.A keyboard setting of 'My choice is made, and I desire no change' by Robert Hall exists.


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 Pro Cantione Antiqua - 'Ars Britannica' - 1980, Teldec

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